Sunday, 18 November 2012

wednesday 28.11.2012 at 8pm

 Daniel Thompson (guitar)/Neil Metcalfe (flute)/Guillaume Viltard (double bass)

Elo Masing (violin)/Dave Maric (electronics)/Cam Deas (guitar)

 films chosen by Katarina Strasser

special guest Olivia Chaney (voice)

Tickets £5   Pre-booking:

Uncharted Soundscapes started out as a series of concerts reflecting the lively London free improvisation scene, but has now grown into a string of events that includes both improvised and notated music, live art, puppet theatre, film, poetry, life, the universe and everything.So step into the vaults of the mysterious and enigmatic Lumiere and drift away on the uncharted vastness of the imaginations of musicians, artists and free spirits from around Chatsworth Road and the whole wide London Town.

What Katarina says about the films:
'Entr'acte' by Rene Clair (1924).
19 minutes.
The night will commence with the Surrealist short film 'Entr'acte' directed by Rene Clair (music by avant-garde composer Erik Satie).
Rene Clair was known to have very conflicting views on the use of conventional sound in films and instead applied it as a separate medium to create narrative through sound.
The Surrealists encourage us to operate outside the traditional conscious thought process and dive into a world (literally) turned upside down.
'The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach' by Jean-Marie Straub and Daniel Huillet (1968).
95 minutes.
The French filmmaker duo struggled ten years to get the film produced on the grounds of it not being an audience success as well as its unconventional nature.
The film contains excerpts of Johann Sebastian Bach's work in chronological order, linked with the reading of a fictional journal written by his wife Anna Magdalena Bach. Bach's music becomes the centrepiece of the work through which the film is formed.
Similar to the first piece, Straub and Huillet demand the audience to participate and leave behind the preconceived notions of cinema.