Wednesday, 22 February 2012

monday 19.03.2012 at 8pm

duo Daniel Thompson (guitar)/Tom Jackson (clarinet)

Tollected Trueworks as Told by Trueteller

 Tim Yates (objects)/David O'Connor (sax)/Matt Olczak (guitar)

Tickets £5   Booking:

Uncharted Soundscapes is a series of concerts reflecting the lively London free improvisation scene with players drawn mostly from among the participants of Eddie Prévost's weekly workshop.
The concerts, however, don't always aim to align with the workshop aesthetics of explorations in sound production, but give the performers freedom to venture into whatever stylistic realm they like with whoever they wish – other UK improvisers or guests from abroad.

And in addition to free improvisation we have something completely different for you tonight ---
It took God seven days to create the world. But one Trueteller can tell the whole truth about everything in one day. Tonight Trueteller presents an introduction to the most comprehensive book ever written about Planet Smearth - "The Power of Telling the Truth. Tollected Trueworks as Told by Trueteller".
Flyer artwork © Priit Ruttas