Friday, 20 January 2012

wednesday 8.02.2012 at 8pm

duo Grundik Kasyansky (electronics)/Seymour Wright (saxophone)
Pedestrian Patchwork by mOOnWorKs  collective
trio Vicky Steiri (cello)/Elo Masing (violin)/
Geraldine MacEwan (violin)

Tickets £5   Booking:

Uncharted Soundscapes is a series of concerts reflecting the lively London free improvisation scene with players drawn mostly from among the participants of Eddie Prévost's weekly workshop.
The concerts, however, don't always aim to align with the workshop aesthetics of explorations in sound production, but give the performers freedom to venture into whatever stylistic realm they like with whoever they wish – other UK improvisers or guests from abroad.

This time we'll travel even further into the unknown territory with the mOOnWorKs collective presenting their Pedestrian Patchwork - for the first time in the history of Lumiere...!
Here's what the collective say about themselves:
mOOnWorKs is an interdisciplinary collective that explores the interplay between sound and movement. Forming a dynamic relationship between the audience, performer and space is central to our approach which draws on improvised as well as devised elements. We find inspiration from many different sources at once, whether they are related to dance or music, funny or serious, conventional or not. Much of the material comes from our experience of playing in public spaces and at collaborative events as well as from out respective backgrounds. The group is led by Jan Lee and Zac Gvi, previous performance including 'Pedestrian Patchwork' and experimental pieces at mOOnWaX events.

And, of course, there will be lots of free improvised music - the extraordinary UK sax player Seymour Wright will be joining electronics player Grundik Kasyansky (originally from Moscow!) for a duo that is bound to change your ideas of what free improvisation can be. There will also be a lovely string trio with Vicky Steiri on the cello and Elo Masing and Geraldine MacEwan on violins.

Our journey of discovery across uncharted sound- and, this time, movement-scapes will, as usual, take place in the cosy, intimate and deliciously camp surroundings of cocktail lounge Lumiere. Come and enjoy the concert in an atmosphere unlike any other in which you may have heard free improvisation before! ;)

Flyer artwork ©Priit Ruttas

Seymour Wright's music can be heard here: