Thursday, 18 August 2011

sunday 25.09.2011 at 9pm

trio Benedict Taylor (viola)/Daniel Thompson (guitar)/Alex Ward (clarinet)
duo Tom Mudd (feedback)/James O'Sullivan (guitar)

Tickets £5   Booking:
Uncharted Soundscapes is a series of concerts reflecting the lively London free improvisation scene with players drawn mostly from among the participants of Eddie Prévost's weekly workshop.
The concerts, however, don't always aim to align with the workshop aesthetics of explorations in sound production, but give the performers freedom to venture into whatever stylistic realm they like with whoever they wish – other UK improvisers or guests from abroad.

This time we will focus on the guitar - we'll have the chance of  listening to two wonderful young guitar players in two different ensembles.

Our journey of discovery across uncharted soundscapes will, as usual, take place in the cosy, intimate and deliciously camp surroundings of cocktail lounge Lumiere. Come and enjoy the concert in an atmosphere unlike any other in which you may have heard free improvisation before! ;)

Flyer artwork ©Priit Ruttas

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