Tuesday, 10 May 2011

sunday 22.05.2011 at 8pm

Noel Taylor (clarinet), Benedict Taylor (viola), Guillaume Viltard (double bass), Jennifer Allum, Elo Masing (violins)

Uncharted Soundscapes is a series of concerts reflecting the lively London free improvisation scene with players drawn mostly from among the participants of Eddie Prévost's weekly workshop.
The concerts, however, don't always aim to align with the workshop aesthetics of explorations in sound production, but give the performers freedom to venture into whatever stylistic realm they like with whoever they wish – other UK improvisers or guests from abroad.

The next event in the Uncharted Soundscapes series at cocktail lounge Lumiere will focus on bowed string instruments. Two members of Redstart Trio - Benedict and Noel Taylor (not related, by the way) - will be joined by the London-based French double-bassist Guillaume Viltard; Jennifer Allum and Elo Masing will perform a violin duo, and for the final set all performers will join forces and perform as a quintet of string instruments and clarinet.

Come and join us on a journey of discovery across uncharted soundscapes in the cosy and intimate surroundings of the newly opened cocktail lounge Lumiere!

Flyer artwork ©Priit Ruttas www.ruttas.net

Guillaume Viltard at Mopomoso, June 2010

Next event in the Eddie Prévost workshop series at Café Oto